RKFL Hosted Checkout

Prerequisite: Please go through the Redirect Integration page first to understand this page.

RocketFuel's hosted checkout offers the same functionality as iFrame. It allows shoppers to pay using crypto exchanges, wallets, and bank.

When paying using a crypto exchange, shoppers need to connect their exchange; once connected, it will show connected. They also have the option to select the currency using which they wish to pay. Shoppers can also connect to other exchanges besides Coinbase, such as BinanceUS, Kraken, etc.

If shoppers want to pay using their wallet, they have to change the tab to 'Crypto Wallet' and scan the QR code in their wallet app to pay. They also have the option to select the currency using which they wish to pay. Once paid, they will have to click on 'Confirm Payment' to confirm their payment.

One more option which shoppers have is to pay using bank transfers. For this, they must click on the 'Bank Transfer' tab, connect their bank account, and select USD as payment currency.

To connect their bank account, shoppers can click on '+Connect Your Bank' ,button, and on the next screen click "+Add Bank Account." Then they have to select their bank.

After selecting the bank they can fill in their Username and Password and submit it. Post this they have to verify their identity by requesting security code on their mobile or email.

After you have received your code, fill that in and click Submit. After this, you can select the account you want to connect to and click Continue. You will see a success message. You will now be able to pay using bank transfer.

Note: Bank transfer is only available if the shopper has set USD as currency. For any other currency, bank transfer is not available at this time.

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