Using the RocketFuel API for Custom Integration

RocketFuel has three phases of API integration:

  1. Pre-Payment Activity

  2. Payment Activity (Shopper ↔︎ RKFL)

  3. Post-Payment Activity

Before the start of the three phases, some prerequisites are required to be completed. The below Quick Start page describes on the same.

Once the public key and integration keys have been set up, the first phase can be started.

  1. Pre-payment Activity

    1. To start with the prepayment activity, there is one more prerequisite that needs to be understood - Encryption Algorithm

    2. After the above things are completed and understood, the first phase starts with generating the invoice.

      i. The inline method can be used as well for generating invoice

  2. Payment Activity (Shopper ↔︎ RKFL)

    The second phase, payment activity involves the exchange of data between shoppers and RocketFuel, nothing is expected from the merchants.

  3. Post Payment Activity The post payment activity involves knowing the transaction status which can be done with the help of webhooks and Lookup API.

Languages Supported

  1. Any coding language to call APIs (server ↔︎ server)

  2. Little knowledge of JS in case of Inline /popup Integration

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