Pre-payment validation check

In case of exchange payment, the merchant can check a few validations before initiating a payment ex:

  1. Insufficient Balance

  2. The deposit address is not whitelisted

  3. Password is required

  4. etc

This API is NOT a core element of the payment flow. However, this helps to make a user-friendly payment solution.

The validation messages vary from exchange to exchange, but the API returns the same object with a different code that needs to handle at the merchant website.


  1. OKcoin needs the deposit address for the whitelist, so this API checks whether or not the user has already whitelisted this address. In the API response, if the key "showWhitelistElement: true" means the deposit address is not whitelisted and merchant website should display the customer error.

  2. A shopper's password is needed to withdraw the fund. If API returns a key "password: true," the shopper didn't provide the password, and the merchant's website should display a message to enter the password.

This API accepts the request payload in an encrypted format. The encryption algo is <algo_name> and encryption key is <client_secret>.

// The sample request payload that needs to encrypt
  "clientId": "merchantid",
  "assets": "Selected exchange currency",
  "cart": "cart array",
  "offerId": "Order_id",
  "confirmation": "true",
  "nativeAmount": "cart amount in usd"

// clientId: The RKFL merchant identifier
// assets: Selected exchange currency (BTC/ETH)
// cart: cart array [{},{}]
// offerId: merchant unique identifie
// confirmation: true/false, true if shopper accept term and condition
// nativeAmount: cart total amount in USD

// The key "data" should generate from the below way.
export const data = async (toEncrypt, publicKey) => {
  const buffer = Buffer.from(toEncrypt);
  const encrypted = crypto.publicEncrypt(publicKey, buffer);
  return encrypted.toString('base64');

POST /exchanges/payment-validate/{exchange_name}

The value of exchange_name are "coinbase/okcoin/kraken/gemini/binanceus"





"Bearer" + shopper access token




Request Body




Encrypted string

    "ok": true,
    "result": {
        "receiverAddress": "3Jmmku8JTHP2YsqNZ3RuhZdburbdHMtSjT",
        "receiverMemo": null,
        "amount": 0,
        "currency": "BTC",
        "fee": 0.00000526,
        "password": false,
        "showWhitelistElement": false,
        "exchange": "coinbase",
        "nativeAmount": 5,
        "newRate": {
            "percentRate": 0,
            "newFiatRate": 0

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