Rocketfuel v1.1.6

  • 🔒 Partial (Closed) Transactions Simplified: Say goodbye to confusion with partial transactions! Merchants can now mark them as closed and release goods or services equivalent to the amount paid by the shopper. We'll also include the value of these transactions in your dashboard data for easy tracking. Please refer the API documentation for details.

  • 🌟 Merchant Portal Enhancements

    • Improved Funds Menu Items: Gain deeper insights into your funds, now updated with the value of faster-confirmed transactions for better financial management.

    • Clearer Transactions Listing: Enjoy greater transparency with transaction tracking on the Blockchain. Merchants can now see the transaction hash in the transaction listing as soon as it's sent, even if it's not yet successful.

  • 💰Crypto Settlement Option: Great news for merchants interested in receiving settlements in Crypto (USDC)! You can now enable crypto settlement and add a wallet address to receive your funds. (Available in limited beta. Please contact your rep for details)

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