Create Transaction via API

RKFL system provides API to generate transaction and in response provides transaction id and qrString which can be useful for merchant.

API endpoint: POST /purchase/qr/generate

// Headers
Authorization: "Bearer" + merchant access token
x-transaction-source: qr-code-api
// Here is the sample of the request payload. 
POST /purchase/qr/generate
            "id":"1",                   //Required
            "name":"Bag",          //Required
            "price":1,                  //Required
            "quantity":1,               //Required
            //only add the below, if the product is a subscription item.
            "isSubscription": "",            //Optional
            "frequency": "",                 //Optional
            "subscriptionPeriod":""          //Optional
            "merchantSubscriptionId": ""     //Optional
    "customerInfo": {
        name: required (string)
        email: required (string)
        phone: optional (string)
        address: optional (string)
    //"customParameter" is optional field
    "customParameter": {
        "returnMethod": "POST/GET",
        "params": [
            "name": "var",
            "value": "1302*6649c8793fa687fe708618ae52344e26*1685*2*1*128*76"
              "name": "custom",
              "value": "1302|6649c8793fa687fe708618ae52344e26|2|1|128|2|1685"

// isSubscription: true/false 
// subscriptionPeriod: [number][period] - for example 1y, 2m, 3w
// frequency: weekly/monthly/quarterly/half-yearly/yearly
// merchantSubscriptionId: Subscription id for merchant system. This key will use to communicate the recurring payment status.
// Here is the sample of the response payload.
200:Ok   Success
    "ok": true,
    "result": {
        "totalAmount": "0.17800800",
        "currency": "USD",
        "crytoCurrency": "ETH",
        "id": "ee802a07-d857-4792-ae48-619775daf85b",
        "meta": {
            "offerId": "ABCD123",
            "receiverAddress": "0xB5d71af0A642ef800E013B996E8116318EF9B520",
            "qrString": "ethereum:0xB5d71af0A642ef800E013B996E8116318EF9B520?amount=0.21360960&value=0.21360960"

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