Merchant Dashboard


Dashboard offers some of the main details relevant to you as a merchant. The main information on the dashboard are verification for payments, funds you received, and your shoppers' last purchases. Also, you get the option to change language, request support, and log out, which is accessible from all the main menu pages.

  1. Verification for Payments

Verification can be done in two ways, either for only crypto payments or for crypto and bank both. You can also directly go to the Verification menu for your verification.

2. Funds Received This section shows you the amount of funds received by you as per the selected period, which are Today, Week, Month, and Year. This is your income. You also get to see the cryptocurrencies in which you received the payment and how much. This will help you understand which cryptocurrencies your shoppers use most.

3. Last Purchases

This section will give you a brief glimpse of last purchases of your shoppers. You will be able to see the following details - Order ID - Shopper Name - Shopper Email - Status of the transaction - Date of the transaction - Amount of the order (Both in fiat and cryptocurrency)

You will also be able to go to different pages to see more purchases which were done in the past.

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