How to install Rocketfuel Module for Prestashop


1. A Prestashop store (version 1.7 or higher)

2. A verified merchant account on Rocketfuel.


Step 1:

From your admin dashboard, navigate to Modules Manager and click on “Upload a Module”

Step 2: Download the plugin (v2.0.0) from the given URL Open the zip file and upload the to Prestashop.

Upload the file as shown in the screenshot below.

Step 3:

Next click on Configure to proceed to the next step


After successfully uploading and installing the module, the next phase is to set up the merchant details. You need to be registered as a Merchant on to start using the service.

Step 1:

Visit your admin dashboard and click on Stores, then Sales.


  1. Navigate to your Rocketfuel merchant account and click on settings (

  • Copy the merchant ID and Public Key into the appropriate fields on the plugin.

  • Also, fill in the Email and password for your merchant account into the appropriate field

  • You can generate a new public key If you do not have any setup for you

2. Save changes. Click on “Save” to save your details.

Callback URL

Copy the Callback URL and save in your Rocketfuel Merchant Account.

To save the callback URL on your merchant account, navigate to and click on edit

Add in the callback URL you copied on Prestashop and click Save.

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