ACI Merchant Onboarding Document (Certification)


  1. ACI (Super Partner) should invite their partner (Reference link)

  2. Partner should invite merchant from their portal (Reference link)

  3. Merchant Store should be set up. (Reference link)

  4. Merchant should have generated public and secret keys (Reference link)

  5. KYB of the merchant should have been completed (Reference link)

  6. The partner should have generated Auth Header for the merchant from the partner portal (Reference link)

RKFL ↔︎ ACI BIP Panel Setup

Data Mapping between RKFL ↔︎ ACI is provided below. These are needed to get your ACI BIP panel set up to receive payments using the ROCKETFUEL provider.

RKFL Field

ACI field

Merchant Id

Entity Id

Partner Id

Authorization Bearer

Auth header

Custom Data

Secret Key / Partner Key


Post Setup and Integration:-

The following process shall be followed to certify the integration via Rocketfuel.

  1. An invoice link should be sent to Rocketfuel (

  2. Rocketfuel shall execute the payment on the provided invoice link

  3. Once the payment has been made on Rocketfuel, the merchant needs to share the transaction log on the BIP panel to cross-validate the payment update on the BIP panel

First transaction update should change the transaction to 800.400.500 (Waiting for non-instant payment confirmation)

Final Status of the transaction should be 000.000.000

Do not change the default time in the below settings.

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