Lookup using Public Key

The RKFL provides a separate API to get the latest transaction status. This API accepts "merchant_id" and "transaction_id" as a request payload encrypted by the public RSA key and returns the response in JSON format.

// Object to encrypt
const toEncrypt = {
      merchantId: <merchant_id>, 
      transactionId: <transaction_id>

// Generate an encrypted request payload
export const data = async (toEncrypt, publicKey) => {
  const buffer = Buffer.from(toEncrypt);
  const encrypted = crypto.publicEncrypt(publicKey, buffer);
  return encrypted.toString('base64');

// merchantId – Unique identifier of the Merchant in the Rocketfuel, will get it from the portal. 
// transactionId – Unique identifier of the Transaction initiated by Shopper using RocketFuel, will get it from the Webhook/callback. 

POST /purchases/invoice-lookup





"Bearer" + merchant access token

Request Body




Encrypted request payload

    "ok": true,
    "result": [
            "id": <Transaction_id>,
            "status": <Status>,
            "meta": {
                "offerId": <Offer_id>
            "amount": "1.598457239956444619",
            "receivedAmount": "0",
            "currency": "ETH"

// Values received in response are
1. id – RKFL identifier
2. status – code will be interpreted as follows
    1 = RocketFuel received the amount successfully 
    0 = Amount is Pending to be received by RocketFuel 
    -1 = RocketFuel didn’t receive the amount, and the transaction is failed 
    101 = RocketFuel received a partial payment of the total amount 
3. meta
    3.1 offerId – Unique identifier of the merchant 
4. amount - the total price of the complete order. 
5. receivedAmount – Amount received by RocketFuel for an order.  
6. currency – Unit of currency used by Shopper to make the payment for an order

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