Instore Payments page helps you with quick invoice creation that can be created for the goods or services you offer to your shoppers. The shoppers can then pay simultaneously by scanning the QR code, which is generated after you submit the details.

Details required for generating QR code are: Order ID: You can add as per your method of numbering your invoices. Order amount: The total amount you are charging for your goods/service. Pay with: The cryptocurrency using which your shopper is going to pay for the order/invoice. You can choose express cryptocurrencies to process the payment faster. Service Charge: You can add a service charge or tip if the shopper is willing to pay on top of what they will be paying for your goods/services.

After filling in all the details, you can click on 'Generate QR code,' which will generate the QR code for the shopper to scan and pay. You can also clear the filled data by clicking on 'Clear Data.' Once paid, you can click on 'Confirm Payment,' and it will show a success message for the payment if the exchange has received it.

You can also see the details of your recent transactions done using Instore functionality. The data visible to you will be: 1. Transaction Number 2. Order ID 3. Status 4. Date/Time 5. Amount

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