This guide helps you understand the core concepts used to structure RocketFuel API data. Understanding these core concepts will make it easier for you to work with our resources and build integrations with the RocketFuel APIs. It's helpful to understand these terms within our platform and how they relate to each other.

Core Concepts

  1. Partners

  2. Merchants

  3. Shoppers

  4. Exchanges

  5. QR Payments

  6. Bank Payments

  7. Invoices

  8. Settlements

Partners introduce merchants to RocketFuel's bank transfer and volatility-proof cryptocurrency payment solution and earn a commission on every transaction they process. Merchants can choose to sign up on RocketFuel's system by visiting the link https://merchant-sandbox.rocketfuelblockchain.com . They can offer their goods/services on their website and accept payments in Cryptocurrency or via bank using RocketFuel's solution. Shoppers are the customers who buy goods or services from merchants and pay them in exchange for goods/services they are purchasing.

When shoppers pay to merchants, they can connect their exchanges, such as Coinbase, OkCoin, Gemini, etc. and pay using those exchanges. Also, the other payment options available to shoppers are from their crypto wallet by scanning the QR code or bank. For bank payments, shoppers will need to connect their bank account.

Invoices help merchants use RocketFuel's solution outside their website, and shoppers can just visit an invoice link to make the payment.

All the money earned by the merchants using RocketFuel's solution is settled daily to the merchants by RocketFuel.

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