Quick Start

If you want to use the RKFL API to design a custom payment solution for your website, you will need to register as a merchant at the RKFL merchant portal.

For development and testing purposes, RKFL provides a merchant sandbox environment. This sandbox environment provides a real crypto payment experience in the public blockchain network. All cryptocurrencies spent on RKFL are stored in the RKFL crypto wallet, which can refund into shoppers' crypto wallets. A network fee will apply to blockchain transactions.

The RKFL provides a simulator experience with Plaid and Dwolla integration for bank payments. Currently, the Bank transfer facility is only available to USA shoppers. However, we are also working to provide the bank transfer facility in some other countries. Plaid and Dwolla are Rocketfuel's banking partners for bank services.

This guide will walk you through the steps needed to obtain access to RKFL APIs, so you can begin developing.

Step 1. Register as a merchant

Step 2. Verify your business information

Step 3. Generate a public key and integration keys


This quickstart assumes you are testing in the Sandbox Environment and uses the base URL of https://app-sandbox.rocketfuelblockchain.com/api


If you have developed your payment solution using the RKFL sandbox API and are ready to move into production. The API base URL will require to point to the RKFL production APIs at https://app.rocketfuelblockchain.com/api

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