In the Settings page of the merchant portal, you can set up your shop detail, set/update your acceptable payments method, public key, secret key, and select cryptos for your graph on Funds page.
Shop Details
To set up your shop details, you need to fill in your shop name, website, description of your shop, and shop callback URL (This is the URL where you want to take the shopper after successful completion of payment) and shop icon/logo. Please note that your merchant ID will be prefilled, and you will not be able to edit that. After filling in all the required details, you can click on the save button to save the changes.
Payment Methods
You can enable or disable different payment methods, which are Crypto Exchange, Bank Transfers, and Crypto Wallets. If you have disabled any payment method, that method will not be visible in the Rocketfuel iframe on your checkout page.
Public Key
You can generate Public Key which will be used in your website to open “Pay with RocketFuel” iframe for receiving the funds from Shopper.
Integration Keys
You will also have to generate integration keys that will be used for API communication, authorization, and authentication.
Graph Setting
You can select up to 10 cryptocurrencies that will be shown in the graph on funds tab. Please click on save once you have selected the coins you want to see in your graph.